LTA Membership

LTA lite Screenshot

As many of you are already aware, the club is a member of the LTA as a "Place to Play". One benefit of this is that club members can register for LTA Lite membership (formerly BTM) for free.

Each LTA Registered Place to Play/Club receives an allocation of Wimbledon tickets based on the number of LTA members linked to that club in February each year.

Obviously, the more LTA members we have registered the better the chance of an increased ticket allocation. All you need to do is visit the link below and select the "Lite membership" option. Our "place to play" is called "Appleton Roebuck Tennis Club".

Following the allocation of tickets to the club, LTA members who have opted in will be notified of the date of the club ballot. LTA rules stipulate that only opted-in LTA registered club members are permitted to take part in the draw.

You do not need to renew your membership each year. You DO need to Opt In to the Ballot EACH YEAR.