Club Newsletter

July, August & September 2019

Welcome to the end of season round-up of tennis news from your local tennis club for the 2019 season.

What a turbulent and unpredictable summer it has been! Teams have been on tenterhooks not knowing whether they will win, remain or leave their respective divisions. Matches have gone to the wire and captains have been tearing their hair out trying to arrange postponed matches before the deadline of 1 September. It has, indeed, been challenging for all concerned!

Mixed Teams' News

The first team have had a good season, finishing third in Division 4. They only just missed being promoted to Division 3 by 1 point. Hard luck to all team members who achieved great results at a high standard of tennis. A special well done to Pauline Belt (Captain) and Dave Luscombe who achieved an average of 7.6 in their matches.

The second team have had a great season achieving promotion from Division 6 to Division 5. In a closely fought division, 6 points separated the top 3 clubs. Appleton Roebuck (22 points) came second to Sutton on Derwent (24 points). Special mention must go to Emma Cashmore and Geoff Bullock, who achieved a magnificent average of 9.6 in their matches. An exciting 2020 beckons!

The third team went to the wire in their efforts to stay in Division 9. Nerves were frayed in the last 2 weeks where every point of every game counted. Incredibly, they've managed not only to stay up, but actually come third, which was a lovely surprise to all involved. As rearranged games went into August, many regular players were unavailable, so a big thanks to everyone who played for the third team this season.

The fourth team had a brilliant season winning their division by a convincing margin of 5 points; they won 10 of their 12 games. Congratulations to Amber Steel and Gary Carpenter who achieved an excellent average of 8.3 games. Interestingly, it means that the fourth team will join in third team in Division 6 next season. Pity the Selection Committee, who will have tricky decisions to make next year!

Men's Team News

At the time of going to press both teams still have 1 game to play. Current stats show that the first team are likely to finish mid-table but, unfortunately, the second team are destined for relegation to Division 6. Well done to everyone who has turned out for both teams and shown commitment and enthusiasm despite the odds being stacked against them towards the end of the season. Stand out performances came from Geoff Bullock who received 77.9 points in the first team and Andy Cossins who scored 50.5 points for the second team.

Ladies' Team News

Congratulations to the second team who are celebrating promotion to Division 6! Considering that this time last year we had no second team, this is a remarkable achievement largely due to the drive and determination of Julia Campbell who has organised a regular team that has delivered great results. Well done to Pauline Connolly who has achieved a personal average of 8.5 games. Unfortunately, the first team has not been as successful and have been relegated to Division 5 despite a lot of battling and determination to do their very best. Hopefully, regrouping in a lower division next season will provide an opportunity to re-establish a winning formula for 2020. Well done to Judy Marriot who has achieved an excellent average of 9.0 games.

Junior News

It's been encouraging to see a new generation of tennis players practising over the summer holidays. They have organised their own Whatsapp group and had a lot of fun honing their skills. A big thank you to our Junior coach, Chris Howat and, of course, the parents who support and ferry the budding talents to and from the courts.

Coaching News

Pauline Belt has worked tirelessly throughout the season to promote all the positive aspects of adult coaching at both beginner and experienced level. She has a regular 'Development Group' who meet on Mondays at 6pm, before Rob Jones coaches players who play in more competitive settings. A regular text goes out every Monday confirming that coaching is available. Many thanks to Pauline for organising and sustaining this throughout the season.

Autumn thoughts…

As the nights draw in and the wind blows cold and the trees take on their autumnal hue, our thoughts inevitably turn towards darker days. We may be tempted to feel a little sad about the passing of the summer and what lies ahead. BUT do not despair! Remember:

  • - There's Ladies' Social Tennis throughout the winter on Saturday afternoons- a great way to exercise in a friendly atmosphere.
  • - A Men's Winter League runs throughout the winter season playing under floodlights at York.
  • - There's a weekly Wednesday afternoon club session when the weather permits.
  • - The Christmas Cracker Tennis Competition is held before Christmas- a fun event for all abilities (as long as you wear a Christmas jumper)!
  • - Court 3 will be refurbished at the end of September and will withstand all weathers better.
  • - The AGM and election of Officers will take place in November, which is a great chance to get involved in the running of the club at a variety of levels.
  • - The Presentation Evening.

And finally, some 'philosophical' tennis thoughts…

'Life, you know, is made up of joys and sorrows. We must all overcome obstacles, make compromises and confront our fears and failures. Tennis can, I believe, help us navigate the many ups and downs of life. The constant training and commitment that is required by sport involves great sacrifice and perseverance, and that carries over into the way we live our everyday lives.
As tennis players we are constantly trying to improve our games and ourselves. We are always reflecting on our mistakes, goals and desires. We experience many different stresses – both mental and physical – and try to overcome them as best we can.
We are also always comparing ourselves to our opponents, something which can be disheartening. Sometimes, even the weather or other conditions seem to conspire against you. In tennis, nobody gives you anything – everything is earned through sweat and toil.
We must always be ready for anything and everything and be willing to adapt to any circumstance. Being flexible and willing to adapt to the many stresses of modern life is very important, and the same is true in tennis. Each match is different and the rhythm of play is constantly changing.
You must quickly adapt to what your opponent is doing and remaining in control is a constant struggle and challenge. No matter how much encouragement or training you have received, on the court you are on your own.'
Article from Tennis World 2011

And you thought it was just a simple game of tennis?!? Have a great winter season!

June 2019

Welcome to the second round-up of tennis news from your local tennis club for the 2019 season which has so far been rather wet and cold, with several cancelled games. It's definitely been a month to follow the Yorkshire adage, 'Cast not a clout 'til May is out!' – in other words don't take off your vest until the end of May; thermal vests and handwarmers have still been making an appearance! It's also given team captains a headache as they valiantly rearrange matches and check for availability. But, fingers crossed, it'll be a warmer and sunnier June.

Planning is well underway for our 40th anniversary celebration on Sunday 30 June and by the time you read this there will only be a few weeks to go. The format for the day is:

10am   Denis Hudson Tournament
1pm   Presentation, including cake cutting and toasts
    BBQs ready for cooking your own food
2pm   Adult and junior tournament (you don't need to be related)
    Drawing of the raffle
    Fun activities on the theme of 40 and Ruby (the 40th anniversary colour)

Throughout the day we will be running a raffle and we have already had some fabulous prizes donated due to the 'persuasive' powers of committee members! We would love as many people as possible to come along, whatever the weather. It promises to be a great event, one which can't be repeated. So, don't miss out!

Congratulations to Pauline Belt and Gary Payne who won first harlequin tournament of the season on 14 April. (A harlequin tournament is when all players switch partners every game and carry forward individual scores culminating in a final between the highest scoring men and women.) In a close fought final with Emma Cashmore and Tom Shouksmith, Pauline and Gary held their nerve and won the trophy. Despite a chill in the wind, all the players stayed to watch an entertaining match. Well done to all the finalists and those that helped them reach the final.

Coaching sessions continue and are getting rave reviews from all who attend. It's a great opportunity to tweak aspects of play, by a local coach who coaches at a number of tennis clubs. It's a fun and relaxed environment and caters for non-league and league players, so why not check our website for further details and come along? Visit our for further information.

We are continually looking for new members for the club and have been delighted by an increase in adult membership since our recruitment drive last month. Thank you to all the committee members who posted fliers through your doors to nudge potential members into joining. However, there are still tennis players out there who maybe can't find the time at the moment. Rest assured, when you can we would love to hear from you. We play tennis throughout the year and you can join at any time. We're only an email away!

Finally, if you're looking for an outdoor sport to keep you fit, tennis is the one to choose as:
1. People who participate in tennis 3 hours per week (at moderately vigorous intensity) cut their risk of death in half from any cause.
2. Tennis players score higher in vigour, optimism and self-esteem, while scoring lower in depression, anger, confusion, anxiety and tension than other athletes and non-athletes.
3. Since tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, it may generate new connections between nerves in the brain and thus promote a lifetime of continuing development of the brain.
4. Tennis outperforms golf and most other sports in developing positive personality characteristics.
5. Competitive tennis burns more calories than aerobics or cycling.
6. Playing tennis offers a potential 50 percent reduction in cardiovascular heart disease and also lowers blood pressure.

And it's all on your doorstep! Why not give it a go?

May 2019

Welcome to the first round-up of tennis news from your local tennis club for the 2019 season. Over the next few months we will bring you news of upcoming events, summaries of results and any other information to encourage you to pick up a racquet and join in the fun.

2019 is the 40th anniversary of the club, and to celebrate this we are having a 'Festival of Tennis' on Sunday 30 June. It will include a tournament in the morning (The Denis Hudson Tournament) which is open to all adult members, a presentation at 1pm to include refreshments and BBQ, and a Parent-Child Competition from 2pm. Running alongside this will be fun activities with the theme of 40. It will be an opportunity to meet old and new friends. Visit for updates and pencil the date into your diary.

Currently, the Selection Committee is busy organising teams and matches for the coming season and, as you may be aware, we are having a recruitment drive to increase the pool of players they can draw on. We need players for all levels, so if you might be interested in joining and are not yet a member we would love to hear from you. It really is a great way for families and friends to keep fit in a beautiful setting on well- maintained courts.

Coaching sessions have begun. Adults can hone their skills on Monday evenings and Junior coaching will begin in June. Junior coaching is split into 3 age categories: Years 1,2,3; Years 4,5,6 and Secondary age pupils AND you don't have to be a member to join these sessions. So, it's a great opportunity to ditch the computer and get active!

Here's looking forward to sunny days, filled with tennis fun.